The WAVE training was important in bringing to reality my dream of starting a business - Alumna Jennifer Aremo

Thursday, October 12, 2023

Starting life after University was far from the norm for Jennifer, the ideal plan to get a well-paying job and an opportunity to kick start her career did not happen because life had charted a different course for her.

After she graduated from Kwara State Polytechnic in Business Administration, she helped out at her sister’s shop for 3 years. It was during that period she learned about WAVE from a friend and an alumnus. According to Jennifer, ”Esther introduced WAVE to me because she knew I had a passion for baking, she told me WAVE could train me and assist me in getting a job at a bakery, that was my main reason for joining WAVE”. She further stated that she had always dreamt of being a Baker and owning a bakery and since she has no idea how to start, she hoped WAVE could provide the platform for her, even as she saved up enough money to start her business. 

Her WAVE journey started at the training center in Yaba in May of 2018. Walking us through the journey, she highlighted transportation fare from Mile 2 to Yaba for 3 weeks and waking up early to beat the traffic to arrive at the training center before 8 am as the biggest challenges she encountered. Making new friends during the training and enjoying the practical aspects of the classes was a thrilling time for her.

After the training, Jennifer job shadowed at Nylas Restaurant as an Assistant Chef where she learned even more about cooking and baking. It was also an opportunity to practice some of the soft skills she learned in class with both her team members and customers. Her hard work paid off as she was offered full employment at Nylas which she rejected due to the distance and time that would have lower her productivity on the job.

Although that seemed like a missed opportunity, after her graduation she got another job offer as a Baker at Panset Cakes and Events in Festac. She claimed it was a fantastic job for her because it fits into her passion, the distance bearable, and the WAVE skill training made it easier for her to thrive; ”the communication and listening class helps me in the way I talk to customers and listen to their needs, teamwork was important in working with my co-workers and the financial management class helps me in how to manage my finances properly”.

Jennifer's dream to own a baking store where she bakes and also sells baking ingredients and equipment blossomed after two years at Panset cakes and events. She opened her own business which she named Zenith Baking store at Old Ojo Road, Alaba Mile 2.

Jennifer is happy and thankful to WAVE for her journey so far. Her advice to job seekers is to be determined and also focused on achieving the goals that they set out to achieve. 

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This is a great cause
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