Movement Building

WAVE is trying to rewire the education to employment ecosystem by building a movement that focuses on competencies over credentials. This is due to the worrying number of young people leaving school (secondary and tertiary)
without the literacy, numeracy, or soft skills sought after by employers.

Talent Management Accelerator online course

It consists of a selection of 4 specialized, interrelated online courses.
All courses were developed through in-depth research, and practical insights from stakeholders, and were extensively peer-reviewed. The training delivery methodology was formulated by internal learning and development experts.
The platform allows the participants to study at their own pace without compromising the quality of learning. Participants can accomplish assignments, check their progress, gain access to subject matter experts, and share experiences with their co-participants.

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Every stakeholder has a role to play.

For Employers

We want them to have the ability to prioritize competencies and compatibility as requirements, particularly for entry-level recruitment. This way they can enhance the demand for competency-based hiring.

For Educators

We want them to partner with industry to offer career development services and connect students to work experience opportunities to support the need for competency hiring.

For Education

We want them to partner with employers to update curriculum as industry requirements evolve, to meet employment market needs, and demonstrate the need for a shift in the hiring process as a whole.

Articles On Movement Building

The Dating 101 Guide to Recruitment

Someone I know, recently had his heart crushed. He needed someone to enrich and improve a part of his life. For months he pursued her. She turned him down.

The Big Picture

The mistakes people make in romantic relationships are often rooted in two things:

Soul Searching: Why Are We Even Looking?

Let’s start with some small gist about a guy named Tolu. Tolu decided, at 35, that it was time to get a wife. He auditioned candidates and ended up with Adaora. There was just one problem.

How To Set Standards

Clarity = productivity
Let’s say, you’ve entered the dating world and decided to find a boyfriend/girlfriend. Unlike Tolu, our example in the last article, you’ve done the work and know why you need a romantic partner.

Hiring Right And What Self-Reflection Has To Do With It

Hiring is a deeply self-reflective process. Here is how to get it right and minimize hiring the wrong person.

Going The Distance (Part 1)

We all know the love story as old as time: boy meets girl, they date, fall in love, get married and live happily ever after the end. Except, no one really tells you that a big part of “happily ever after” is figuring out how to grow old together.

Putting Ourselves Out There

Who You Want Should Want You Back
As business owners and entrepreneurs, we spend a lot of time creating our “sales pitch” for clients/customers/investors. We do not do that for prospective talent.

Making A Match

So there’s this thing that happens in relationships. You do the work to meet the person you love, you get to know them, they get to know you, you guys click, you check for fit, and then decide to make it permanent.

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