WAVE uses rigorous matching tools and behavioral and competency assessments to reduce hiring risk and sources high-potential young people from our extensive untapped labour pool. We assess the competencies of each candidate to match them to jobs where they are most likely to succeed.

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Our Recruiting Solutions


Customized recruitment service

At WAVE, we believe the right people help businesses and organisations achieve their strategic goals ultimately producing the desired results. Because we know that every business is unique, we partner with you to offer you a match that suits you and your business.


Existing database of candidates

We have access to over 3000 candidates who have been trained by WAVE in employability and core soft skills which make them ready for work. WAVE Recruiting uses our assessments combined with our compatibility algorithm to find the right match for you. We know that getting recruitment right can transform any organisation for the better.


Discounted customised trainings for existing staff

Also, at the forefront of WAVE Recruiting is that you recruit and maintain people who will contribute to the growth of your business. We, therefore, work with our Corporate Training team to offer all partner organisations discounted customised training solutions for all your employees.


Skills validation center

We conduct personal assessments and tests to determine the best match. These tests include psychometric tests, tests of logical, verbal and conceptual ability, career profiling and structured personal interviews. We identify the personal skills and motivation of candidates and we advise you of the same.
Through the use of these assessments and our compatibility matching procedures, WAVE Recruiting is able to shortlist candidates which meet your requirements and help you with coordinating the interviews ensuring that the candidates are available and arrive at the point of the interview. We manage the period before the start date to ensure the selected candidate(s) remains engaged and committed.


Replacement plan at no extra cost

WAVE gives a six-month guarantee on all of our recruitment assignments where we guarantee that we will replace at no extra cost within 6 months if the candidate leaves or is fired for misconduct or performance issues.


Experience across various industries

WAVE Recruiting’s experience across a range of industries offers the breadth and depth of knowledge to find the best candidate for you efficiently and cost-efficiently.

What Our Employers Are Saying

"The hiring experience is very thorough. The questionnaire that employers fill is very detailed...increasing the chances of finding a good fit for a role. The applicants know what role they are applying for and tasks that are expected of them."

Aderemi Faleye


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Who Do We Work With?

We work with businesses who value people and value the value they can potentially bring to achieve business success. If you are that business or person, reach out to us.

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