"An adorable moment for me was when I saw different employers interviewing during the class and people were getting hired on the spot, that was quite shocking and too good to be true.
Then I was convinced that this adventure of mine would be fruitful."

- Elujoba Ayodele Elumide.

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Help boost the prospect of underserved youths by equipping young jobseekers with the right set of skills in West Africa.

The unemployment rate in West Africa (Nigeria) is 33.3% and rising — WAVE is tackling youth unemployment by getting young people work-ready through skills development and helping employers find untapped talent for their businesses. With a 70% employment rate among WAVE alumni with a 2.6X income transformation post-training, and 31% year-on-year increase in income of youth who have completed WAVE training programs.

We are relentless in our pursuit of every youth (boy and girl) equipped with the right set of skills needed.

It takes about $150 (dollars) to fully enable a youth towards gainful employment.

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WAVE welcomes gifts made to honor or remember a special person in your life. We will notify the honoree of your thoughtful tribute.
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Please make payment directly to:
Account Name: WA. Vocational Education
Account Number: 0135977304
Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

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Our programs at WAVE can benefit from the generosity of partners throughout the world. The resources donated will help students learn, or provide tangible tools and materials for vocational activities.
If you have valuable materials that would be useful to WAVE, please contact our Finance Team.

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We accept stocks as a form of making an impact on the work we do at WAVE.
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