WAVE applies its learning and innovation to support a growing network of educators and skills providers (public and private) to scale their impact on youth employability, employment and income transformation.  Since 2016, WAVE has trained over 30 organizations and supported 15 of them to scale up the impact of their programs to train over 25,000 youth cumulatively.

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Why We Do What We Do



60% of youth in West Africa are unemployed. This leaves Africa at a critical tipping point in the region’s prospect for economic growth and development.


Decaying education system

Across the regions academic qualifications are completely not reflective of life skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking.



WAVE strives to provide young people with opportunities to learn skills and obtain experience that will make them work ready.


Skill shortage and job market dynamics

This shortage of skills leads to youth unemployment  as youth do not possess the necessary skills required for the job market.


Do you know an educator, a non-profit or a business looking for a simple and cost-effective way to upskill its students or workforce?

We’ve learned that various types of organizations can replicate our model,
from businesses looking to backward integrate into their talent supply chain
to educators and nonprofits looking to increase employability outcomes
for their students or youth demographic.

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What Our Partners Are Saying

“The WAVE business model has been instrumental in piloting our Tradesman Empowerment Program. Learning the WAVE curriculum; understanding each piece, and applying it provided a soft for landing for us.”
Oare Ehimua


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WAVE partners with organizations whose mission and vision align, train their staff, who in turn go on to train other recipients. Contact us now if you want to become a partner.

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