Meet Dorian Asser - Alumnus Case Study

Thursday, October 12, 2023

Meet Dorian Asser, a WAVE alumnus of Batch 2.6. Dorian shares his WAVE experience and success story! 

  I.        Before WAVE

·         How many jobs have you previously done before joining WAVE? What kind of job?

I have been on five different jobs before WAVE. Two times as sale representative at CEA Travel Agent and DHL Courier Express Agent respectively. I worked as a team leader sales at Coca Cola Company, and also a supervisor at Guinness. I worked as front desk officer at Adega Express & Forno Italiano Fast food.

·         What is your dream job?

I always dream to be a Consultant. I keep the rest for myself.

·         Did you try to look for a job? If yes, what made the job search difficult?

Yes, I tried seeking one. When I came newly in Nigeria and was sort of new in every area, I used to note all job advertisement posters pasted on every street's walls not knowing that they were all scams. I almost got kidnap when attending one interview for job; noticing the interviewers were armed robbers. 

·         In your opinion, what were the factors that made it hard for you to land a job?

Lack of connection.

·         How did you feel about your life and your future before training at WAVE?

I always dream to be a Consultant. I keep the rest for myself.

II.        Discovering WAVE

·         How did you hear about WAVE?

I heard about WAVE through a friend firstly, but I can frankly say it was through social media (with my good friend Kelvin).

·         Why did you decide to train at WAVE?

I actually decide to train at WAVE just to improve on my soft skill

·         Did you have any expectations before coming to WAVE? If yes what were they?

Obviously Yes, I wanted to learn soft skills in communications, sales, negotiation, teamwork, habit to maintain a job for long and much more.

·         Did these expectations change when you join the program?

Oh, yes, perfectly!

III.        Training at WAVE

·         Which Academy did you train at?

I was trained in Lekki Branch,Lagos (Batch 2.6) by my favorite trainer, Somto Ogbona.

·      What was the distance from your home to WAVE training center (i.e. how much time and how many buses did you have to take, etc.)

Firstly I was staying in Oshodi, Osseni Street. But I had to relocate to Agoungi, Ilaje, as the venue was Ologolo Bus Stop. When I was at Oshodi, the journey was about 4 hours including the morning traffic on the 3rd mainland bridge. I used to take 2 buses plus 2 bikes before getting to the venue. Then, when I relocated, it was easier, just an hour maximum.

·         Describe your job shadow experience.

o   Company and Location

I did my awesome Job shadow at Ruff ‘n’ Tumble Head Office at Ikeja, GRA Isaac John Street.

o   Job role?

Sales trainee

o   What did you learn?

I learned so many things such as how to be groomed as a professional attendance flow 

o   What did you enjoy?

I enjoyed everything; I love my JD with the most wonderful supervisors on earth; Mrs Favour, Mr Austine, MrsGladyws…

o   What were your challenges?

My challenge was accommodation but with God's aid, I have Mr. Kelvin, my savior of all days. He accepted me in his house. Well, as a newbie I had the challenge in the beginning to connect with their way to sell, to merchandise and to create particular fashion style and sell. But I'm very fast at learning, I also had a nice supervisor Mrs. Favour who took me through the tutorials..

·         Which skills learned at WAVE do you think will you get your dream job?

Communication skills, obviously.

IV.        Post-WAVE

·         Where do you currently work?

I am working on my own project (#CustomizedEducation) and committed to an Int’l youth organization AIESEC. Also, I am also freelancing with some companies too.

·         What is your role?

Committee Manager, and Sales and Social Media Marketing manager.

·         What do you like about your job?

I am doing what I am passionate about - sales.

·         What skills did WAVE teach you that you apply on the job?

WAVE thought me, how to solve problem, body language, and I apply them every time in every single domain.

·         Now that you work, do you contribute anything in your family? If yes, what (cash, shelter, etc)?

I have plan for them, I can’t say am giving them money or provide shelter for them. Even if I do, they will not collect it, telling me to take care of myself instead. So, I only have plan on how to take care of them when the time comes.

·         What do your parents or guardians think about you now that you work? I.e. how do they react?

My parents are proud of me. 

·         What do you want to do next, career-wise? What steps do you think you need to take to help you achieve that?

Sorry, I never have any plan. I do what comes across me. As long as I am going to be a philanthropist and consultant in my life, I will do anything to get there.

·         What is your advice to a job seeker?

Better they learn what it takes to be employee before embarking into the journey, otherwise they are running a vain race. WAVE is the solution.

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