Building meaningful work-related relationships

Thursday, October 12, 2023

Often times than not,it is who you know that helps you to achieve success in the job. That being said, relationships are one aspect of human endeavours that can never be overlooked. A lot of life’s challenges can be tackled with the right set of relationship. Most times, the most meaningful relationship are those that have been consciously considered. The result of a mini research carried out on job placements reveal that only 20% of jobs are advertised, while 60-80% of them are found through personal contact. These figured only emphasize the power of relationship and its importance in human development.

There are different types of relationship, however, in order to have a successful career journey, it would be best to take out time to group and categorize each relationship, stating the purpose of each. It could be overwhelming, trying to maintain and sustain each personal relationship, be it family, colleague, mentor, friends, and others, but the trick to it is a basic justification as to the reason for each relationship. To go far and have tangible achievements in your career, efforts need to be made towards establishing the right set of contacts that would help move your career to the next level. In relation to building relationships, networking comes in handy.

Networking is simply about tapping into connections you have to help you get great opportunities or secure a good job, while also growing your career. However, networking doesn’t just happen. It takes time to build and nurture. The first thing to note about networking is that it must be deliberate. It is not enough to establish meaningful relationships, as it also important to nurture such strong relationships and make sure they thrive, especially for the purpose for which it has been created.

A healthy work-related relationship, in and outside the workplace creates a balance for an individual. It also helps to reduce unnecessary stress that could arise as a result of being under excess pressure, most especially work-related pressure. It also increases workplace engagement and overall productivity in the long run. Building and retaining meaningful relationships is a conscious effort. It also takes discipline to sustain as the benefits are numerous.

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