Bright Onyeonicha - CASE STUDY

Friday, January 19, 2024

Bright Onyeonicha, an SSCE holder, had been unemployed before WAVE. He heard about WAVE from an acquaintance Cynthia, and decided to join the training programme with the expectation of getting a job.
He trained at Yaba branch where he learned effective communication, and problem solving skills. When asked what his challenge was during the training, “meeting up with the time and lack of money for transportation were the challenges I encountered; I had to trek from Iyana Ajegunle to Yaba sometimes when I did not have transport fare. In fact, I trek on the graduation day,” he said. At the end of the training exercise, he jobshadowed at Party-Perfect, Lekki where he learned how to attend to customers. He works as a baker at Bread Lounge.

Bright Onyeonicha advises job seekers to join WAVE.

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Salami Omotolani
I'm interested
February 19, 2024 6:03 AM
Mary Essien
I really love the transformation that Wave is causing in the lives of the young people. Mary's experience just stands out. She is more equipped to live. This and more is what young girls especially need to compete favorably in Nigeria. Apart from the people that are in Lagos state, how can youths from other states participate in this training? How much does the training cost? Before I go, I really appreciate the leadership of West African Vocational Education. God richly bless you. Thank.
January 31, 2024 8:33 AM
Great intro
January 19, 2024 4:32 AM
Very helpful tip.
January 19, 2024 4:32 AM
I'd like to be there.
January 19, 2024 4:32 AM
This is a great cause
January 19, 2024 4:32 AM
This is inspiring!
January 19, 2024 4:32 AM
I love this post !
January 19, 2024 4:32 AM
test comment
January 19, 2024 4:32 AM

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