March 29, 2023

Great leadership is the backbone of the success of any organisation. Effective leadership enables a team to achieve its goals, inspire others to perform at their best, and create an environment where the team can grow, thrive and be productive.

However, being a good leader is not a walk in the park and requires a set of skills, attributes, and behaviours that need to be constantly refined and updated as you lead a diverse team of people.

To help leaders access how they are doing currently, Harvard published a leadership checklist that highlights the essential qualities and behaviours of a successful leader which we would explore below;

1. Articulate a Vision:- Formulate a clear and persuasive vision and then communicate it to all members of the organisation.

2. Think and Act Strategically:- Set forth a pragmatic strategy for achieving that vision both in the short and long-terms, then ensure that it is widely understood. Consider all the players and anticipate reactions and resistance before they manifest.

3. Honour the Room:- Frequently express your confidence in and support for those who work with and for you.

4. Take Charge:- Embrace a bias for action. Take responsibility even if it is not formally delegated, particularly if you are well-positioned to make a difference.

5. Act Decisively:- Make good and timely decisions, and ensure they are properly executed.

6. Communicate Persuasively:- Communicate in ways that people will not forget. Simplify and clarify.

7. Motivate the Troops:- Show empathy and appreciate the distinctive intentions that people bring then build on those diverse motives to draw the best from them.

8. Embrace the Front Lines:- Delegate authority except for strategic decisions, and stay close to those most directly engaged with the work of the organisation.

9. Build Leadership in Others:- Develop leadership throughout the organisation.  The best leaders develop new leaders. 

10. Manage Relations:- Build enduring personal ties with those who look to you and work to harness the feelings and passions of the workplace.

11. Identify Personal Implications:- Help everybody appreciate the impact that the vision and strategy are likely to have on their own work and future with the organisation.

12. Convey Your Character:- Through gesture, commentary, and actions, ensure that others appreciate that you are a person of integrity. Show empathy, no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

13. Dampen Over-Optimism:- Counter the hubris of success, focus attention on latent threats and unresolved problems and protect against the tendency for managers to engage in unwarranted risk.

14. Build a Diverse Top Team:- Leaders need to take final responsibility, but leadership is also a team sport best played with a roster of committed and capable individuals.

15. Place Common Interest First:- In setting strategy, communicating vision and reaching decisions, the common purpose must come first, and personal self-interest last.

As you think about how to be a better, more effective leader, utilising this checklist is a good starting point to lead better. 

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