"WAVE was a chance to improve myself and i took it"- Babatunde Olanrewaju

September 19, 2019

As one who desires to learn, unlearn and relearn everyday, Babatunde saw the opportunity to train at WAVE as golden. As a 21 year old who holds an SSCE and then trained as an electronics engineer, it was an opportunity for him to learn even more.
He heard about the program through a friend and decided to attend with the expectation to improve himself and this expectation was met. He also got to meet people that motivated him.

A memorable part of the training for Tunde was the task of selling paper bags to people on the street which gave him the opportunity to put value on something and sell it. "My dream in life is to be a well-known person who makes impact", Tunde said. "I also wants to gain expertise as an engineer, a violinist and a bartender and for this dream to happen, I need to keep learning."

Tunde freelances now as a bartender and a mixologist and has worked with brands like Baileys, Johnnie Walker, etc. He says that he loves freelancing because it gives him the luxury of working only when he wants to and it also gives him access to high brow places where he can meet famous people. He also loves the satisfaction his drinks bring to customers.

He described his training experience as interesting; living close to the training center in Yaba enabled him not to spend lots of money on transportation. His job shadow was at Nylah Food Express; a catering service business where he worked as a kitchen assistant and he described the experience as challenging but he was able to handle it.

He said skills like knowing the Job To Be Done (JTBD) and managing expectation has helped him at his work as a bartender. His advice to job seekers is to know the role they are going for (understand the job description) and what they need to do the work, "if everyone behaves the way they do during the interview when they are employed, then the sky is your limit."

To apply for the WAVE training, check our website www.waveacademies.org. Connect with us on social media; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @waveacademies.

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