August 31, 2022

Chioma lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

She has a bachelor's degree in microbiology.


She got to know about WAVE from an advert she saw on Instagram and decided to give it a try. "I thought this was a good opportunity for me to learn a new skill and I decided to give it a try"

Chioma joined the WAVE training program with the expectation that she would only get basic customer service knowledge and wasn't expecting to have any in-depth knowledge, seeing as it was a virtual training program.

 "In fact, I had only registered to get a certification in customer service and all of these were in hopes of building a career in customer service."

After the information session she realised that there was more to building a career in customer service than just getting a certification. "I needed to be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge required to function effectively in my career path.

Chioma's expectations of the training program changed after graduation "because I actually got more than I expected."

She says the training was intense and interesting at the same time. "I like the fact that we had facilitators that I could easily relate with. I really love the fact that the training was very practical and very engaging as we had tasks that had to be done in order to scale through. These tasks and engagement by the facilitators were the main reasons why I could stay committed to the training"

Prior to joining WAVE, she had just switched her career line to customer relationship management, Sales and Marketing, with an interest in Business Management and WAVE provided her with the necessary knowledge and hands-on experience to help her function efficiently in her new role

Chioma currently works with a Nonprofit organization that promotes digital literacy in the Nigerian educational sector called ReadManna. 

"I work as a Customer Relationship Officer.

What I love best about my job is the joy that customers express after an issue is resolved 

I can't actually say how much I earn publicly but it's a decent remuneration."

Chioma's advice to a job seeker is to focus on job opportunities that give room for knowledge acquisition and career development.

"The knowledge you gather as an entry-level employee will definitely pay off and you'll be glad that you started at that point where you started of. Effective communication, active listening, problem solving are some vital skills that are needed to function in a customer service role.

My training at WAVE further stressed the importance of these skills during communication"

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