August 13, 2020

Immediately Ferdinand graduated from University with a degree in Economics, he got a job as a Sales Executive at a bank. He left his bank job to become a Sales Manager at a Restaurant but Ferdinand was also not satisfied with the job because he desired an Administrative role rather than a Sales role.

While working as a Sales Manager, he came across our signboard in front of the training center at Ajah and after making inquiries, he realized he was not going to be admitted because he was working and won’t have time for the training but due to his hunger to transition into an administrative role, he created time to go for the training. He also moved closer to the training centre in Ajah from Ikorodu.

During the training, he uncovered step by step processes on how to transition into an administrative role. 

He enjoyed mostly the making and selling paper bag class, debate class, and the networking class. He also resonates with other classes but that was a highlight for him. During the training, finances for upkeep during this period was a challenge for him. Udu also states that he was made to complete all his pending assignments which he didn’t complete before he could graduate. According to him, “it was a very stressful day and I had to leave at night cause I really wanted to graduate. I also learned how to take responsibility for any task given to me even if there is a supervisor or not which is very helpful for me today”.

Ferdinand job-shadowed at Pilgrim Brooks, Ikoyi where he worked in every department, as a Front desk Personnel, to Accounting Assistant, to Housekeeper, Bartender, Supervisor, and Receptionist. 

“What I enjoyed about that experience was the ability to learn from each department but what struck me most was the personality of the Accountant; he was kind, paid attention to details, taught me the necessary accounting skills with ease and I really enjoyed my time with him”.

Two weeks after graduating from batch 2.22 Ajah Academy, Ferdinand was hired as an Administrative Assistant at Greenhands Enterprise, Ikeja but he left the job after 11 months because of the distance between his home and the office.

He then decided to start a business, which closed down after 6 months because of a lack of funds.

He decided to go back to job hunting and this time, he got a job as a Supermarket Supervisor in Lekki. Skills like effective communication, customer relationship, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, and more which he learned during his training with us made his job easier.

When asked about his dream job, Ferdinand said he is comfortable with any work environment that encourages learning as many skills as possible because self-development is important to him even in a dream job.

His advice to job seekers is for them to pay attention to learning skills that relate to their preferred job and also leverage networking opportunities.

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