February 5, 2020

Impact Story: Oluwatosin Ogunjobi

Being involved in the Public Relations and Customer Service industry has always been a dream of34-year-old WAVE Alumnus Tosin Ogunjobi. However, as an HND holder in Accounting, she didn't know how she would make the transition from Accounting to customer service. While working as an administrative assistant in a diagnostic center shortly after leaving school, she heard about the WAVE training through a staff at her local government secretariat.

The major reason she decided to apply for the training was that she had just relocated, resulting in the loss of her job at the diagnostic center and the trade business she had started in the meantime was not bringing enough gain. So, she came to WAVE to not just get a job in her chosen career path but to receive training that would help her retain it. The WAVE training though worth it, was not easy for Tosin. Each day, she spent nearly a thousand naira daily commuting from her place at Ojokoro to Yaba where the training held. Sometimes she came late and a rule was that latecomers had to stand throughout the training to emphasize that punctuality is vital for the success of any person and organization.

Shortly after her WAVE training, she job shadowed at Luscious Desserts, Ikeja as a customer service assistant. Though she wasn't retained at the job shadow, she got another WAVE job at BusyToBusiness as a sales representative and although it was meant to be a temporary job for six months, she ended up having it for two years. This was because according to her manager, she was more efficient at managing her expectations than her colleagues. This was a skill she learned at the WAVE training along with learning to work in a team, all of which played a very important role in her eventual retaining.

Currently, she has left BusyToBusiness because she wants to pursue her education and in the meantime, she is assisting her aunt in her business as a customer service representative. She particularly likes this job because it allows her to perfect her communication skills, which plays a big part in her dream of working in public relations.
On a final note, she advises job seekers to get enough qualifications and criteria needed for the job and to also seek out jobs that are in line with what their dreams are because it is the passion that would keep them going even in tough times.

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