"Responsible Businesses have strong values"- WAVE at the African Responsibility Forum

November 13, 2018

As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility quota to developing the community, the Lagos Business School organized the first ever African Responsibility Forum.  How can businesses contribute to the sustainable development in Africa? Can responsible business practices contribute to business in Africa? Representatives of WAVE were at the Inaugural edition of the African Responsibility Forum at Lagos Business School. These include some key take-ways which are as follows:

-Responsible business practice is not a walk in the park and has it's own challenges. However, this way of doing business does pay off in the long run.

-Responsible businesses have strong values and operate primarily by these values.

-Responsible businesses ensure that they are sustainable right from inception by putting strong structures and systems in place

-Responsible businesses ensure they are part of the talent sourcing process and they are inclusive in hiring for competencies primarily

-We all benefit (directly or indirectly) at every level when we engage in responsible business practices.

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