November 28, 2017

What have you been up to since finishing from wave?

After finishing from WAVE, I tried securing a job in the hospitality industry, but met some few challenges which made me evaluate myself and my interest, which was what got me into the teaching profession. I am presently into teaching and property renovation under Ditas Enterprise.

What do you still remember of time at WAVE? Highlights? Lowlights?

My highlights at WAVE was the opportunity to meet and connect with a lot of intellectual and enthusiastic individuals; the CEO of WAVE, Misan Rewane; Ogbemi Rewane; Mobola Koya; Pearl Boyle-Komolafe; Dapo Akinsola; Ajoke Omoware and my batch members such as Oluwole, Paul, Dolapo, and Sunny just to mention a few. In addition, the various courses and outline were well structured, interesting and also handled by interesting facilitators.

Lowlight? I can’t really recall any because it was interesting, educative and an involving exercise from day one to the end, but I would like to point out that the few days towards the end of the program were a bit tough for most of us because it made us realized that we might not be able to easily connect and spend time in each other’s company as we had during the program because it was eventually coming to an end.

What advice do you have for those coming into WAVE today?

My advice to those coming into WAVE is that they should be open and involved in the program because there’s a lot to learn and a lot to gain, which in the long run would be to their own benefit.

Any examples of the most important thing/skill that you learned at WAVE that helps you in your everyday activity and how did/do you apply it

I learned a lot of things at WAVE, which has empowered me to be better in dealing with situations. For instance, the doctrine of “under promise and over deliver” has helped me to avoid putting myself in the stressful situation created by the opposite of this doctrine. In addition, the prioritization matrix (of urgent vs. important tasks) has aided my ability to prioritize better and also the job to be done doctrine {JTBD} which has aided in minimizing distraction while on the job.

What are you currently doing, academic and/or career-wise?

I am currently enrolled in my professional examination at the Institute of Management and also taking some self-development courses online under Chicago Institute of business.

What is your birthday wish for birthday wish for WAVE?

My birthday wish for WAVE is that almighty God will continue to enlarge their coast and continue to infuse the organizers and participants with wisdom and understanding that would enable them to outshine at all times.

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