"My experience in WAVE was a life changing one"- George Adeola (WAVE Alumnus)

January 10, 2019

George Adeola has been pondering over his career prospect prior to WAVE. He served at the office of Oyo State Sports Council before WAVE came to play a significant role in his life. Adeola heard about WAVE through a youth empowerment program, organized by the Oyo State Youth and Sports Government. His aspiration for seeking a life-changing opportunity stimulated his interest to join the program at the Ibadan academy.

For Adeola, the program at WAVE was an amazing experience aimed at discovering one’s innate ability. As he rightly puts it: “The experience in WAVE was a life-changing one. It really made me discover myself, knowing my strengths and weaknesses.” Adeola further expresses his heartfelt experience about WAVE’s program, most especially the job-shadow, thus: “The job shadow experience wasn’t an easy one. It took a lot of time and effort to prove what I can do in a new profession within a short time-frame.” When narrating the skills learned at WAVE that helps him excel on the job, he was speechless because all the skills are relevant and no one can be left out.

As a supervisor in digital marketing, Adeola works at Foodco, where he practically exercises all the skills learned at WAVE. As he wishes to be upfront on his job, his advice to job seekers and the young ones is to strive for learning, engage in educational activities and most importantly, avoid being idle.

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