It wasn't easy competing with men and women of great minds- Isaac Ogar (WAVE Award Recipient)

February 5, 2020

Through determination and hard work, Isaac Ogar was one of the recipients of the WAVE ACCOUNTABILITY and MOST LIKELY TO GET A JOB FIRST AWARD respectively. As a means of showing appreciation for the recognition, he penned down words in an open letter;

Dear Donor,


I, Isaac Ogah, an alumnus of WAVE from Batch 2.28 Ajah, was awarded winner of WAVE ACCOUNTABILITY AWARD and I would like to use this opportunity to thank my donor for this award. Although you didn't know me yet, you still believed in me and made Batch 2.28 Ajah a reality and success and for this I am grateful. Thank you for the support, thank you for being there. I also want to use this opportunity to thank my intelligent facilitators, Kwiksie and Chukwuemeka for this award, they were there for me since the beginning of the training to the last day and they brought out the best in me. Words cannot express my gratitude. Thank you! On receiving this award, I was happy, because it wasn't easy competing with men and women of great minds. Being the winner of this award gives me joy, and I whispered to myself... " You are the best among the best".

Being at WAVE has been great! At first, it wasn't easy, going to lectures early and coming late at night, being tired and stressed out and the next day you are off again. If one came a minute late, they will be asked to stand until the end of the lectures. There was just a little time allowed for a break and no pressing of phones. Thank God I endured, because I was willing to learn and I am enjoying the fruit now. This whole training has helped me a lot. I can describe my time at WAVE as wonderful. I was a shy person. Speaking in public has been a problem, my CV has never given me my desired job, my time management skill was zero, and my negotiation skill was zero as well. After my 3 weeks training at WAVE, I can speak in public, I manage my time well, I am a good negotiator and I have gotten a job, all thanks to WAVE. My training at WAVE was never a waste of time or resources. One primary challenge I faced was the issue of transportation because sometimes I had to stay hungry to transport myself back home. Some factors that made completing the training difficult for me were transportation, traffic, and closing late but I managed to overcome the situation through the problem-solving skills I learned at WAVE. I was willing to learn and that is what helped me cope with my challenges.

I will utilize these skills in building and assisting any company/organization I find myself. This award has made me more focused in all my endeavors and it is also proof that hard work pays.

Thank you.

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