It was a struggle trying to balance school and the WAVE program – Balogun Muyideen

January 31, 2019

Balogun Muyideen was among the cohorts ofbatch 5.3 who attended WAVE’s training program when WAVE collaborated withApapa Local Government in 2018. During his undergraduate days at the LagosState Polytechnic, he worked for three different organizations – received #40,000altogether as stipend – to earn a living as well as cater for his educationalexpenses such as buying books and other research materials.

In the mid of his academic session atLagos State Polytechnic, Muyideen heard about WAVE from a staff of Apapa LocalGovernment and decided to join the program. His aim to join the program was tobe enlightened and set a career map for himself. As he uttered verbatim, “Myaim to join the program was to be enlightened, be focused and set a career pathfor myself after graduating from Lagos State Polytechnic.” 

Muyideen was trained at the Apapa localgovernment where he was exposed to soft-skill training such as team-work, problem-solvingand time-management. For him, the training was highly educative, inspiring andworth the sacrifice. He struggled to round off the training,despite the fact that his schooling activities were highly demanding.

When coming in for the program, Muyideen’sexpectation was to receive soft skill training but, this expectation changed atthe end of the program – “I expected to be enlightened on soft skill trainingbut after the WAVE program, I discovered my innate ability and developed a concreteroadmap to pursue my career. The training was an eye-opener,” he said.

Moving from his comfort zone, Muyideendiversifies his career from marketing to the engineering field. He currently worksas a field engineer at Veiny (a telecommunication company), where he appliedtime management skills learned at WAVE. As he stated, “As a field engineer, youare supposed to arrive at the field in-time unless you are ready to lose yourjob. I apply time management on my job daily and all thanks to WAVE.” Hisdelight at his current work is that “there is an avenue to learn newthings as well as enjoy the welfare accompanied with the job.”

As WAVE changes his narrative, Muyideenadvises job-seekers to focus on gathering the required skills and knowledgesuch as attending the WAVE training program. Balogun Muyideen dreams to be amarketing manager and he is currently gathering the required skills in hiscurrent place of work.

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