November 28, 2017

What have you been up to since finishing from WAVE? 

After WAVE, I worked for 10 months as executive assistant to the CEO at Obsibian. After that, I managed Oscars Autocare and Drill.

What do you still remember of time at WAVE? Highlights? Lowlights?

Hmm! My highlight is I appreciate the way Misan analyzes issues. Also, the employment market is like a war and WAVE trained us to be wolves and act like a chicken. On the lowlight, I cannot really say any because all the courses, during the training program, were useful.

What challenges have you faced and how do you overcome them?

As a leader, you are born to face challenges. So far, both in my house and my workplace, my greatest challenge is dealing with people. I have worked with a different set of people with different attribute and have the ability to cope by trying to understand the behavior of everyone.

What is your long term goal and what steps are you taking to achieve it?

My long term goal is to travel all around the world. I would like to have a job that will make me tour the globe.

Any example of the most important thing/skill that you learned at WAVE that helps you in your everyday activity?

Problem-solving is the skills learned that WAVE that I apply on everyday life. It has been helping me a lot!

Advise to job seekers and those coming into WAVE today?

I would advise job seekers to be confident and be humble. For me, you can get any of your dream jobs once you have confidence in yourself.

How much do you earn now?


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