'In the past my pay used to be exhausted in three days but that has changed"- Eunice Hunkuten

April 29, 2020

Eunice Ugbem heard about WAVE through a friend. They came to WAVE to seek an opportunity to be connected with interviews and finally to better-paying jobs. She had her training 2 years ago with batch 35.

At the time of hearing about WAVE, she worked as a teacher in a school where the salary was low and not meeting any of her needs; the salary she said finished within 3 days. The only thing the job afforded her was a reason to leave her house daily and to keep busy.

After WAVE she has been able to save and pay bills.
Before her training, she lived in egundu; a long distance from the training centre in Yaba so she had to wake up by 4am to avoid traffic and ensure she got to the venue by 8am.
While speaking about her training experience, she said she enjoyed every part of it, most especially the part where she was asked to sell paper bags to people. She said she did not expect to sell it and found it surprising.

Getting to the venue of the training was a challenge for Bright because of financial constraints and sometimes this led to her missing days of training. She also did not have an Android phone which limited her access to the internet to do assignments and research.

She did her job shadow at a bakery in Surulere which in the aspect of commuting was a better experience because she had moved from egundu to a closer location. She worked as a Sales Representative at the bakery where she applied the communication skills learned at WAVE. After her shadow, she was retained and worked there as a cashier for a year.
She learned even more in her new role and said her accounting ability grew.

Currently, she works as a waitress in a hotel in Lagos and she says she has been able to learn more than just waiting skills but also from other departments like marketing and communication. Its also exciting that the job allows her to interact with lots of people.

Her former perception about working in a hotel was described as "dirty" but that has changed now and she can convince people that think that way too.
She said teamwork is a skill she uses every day at her job.

In five years, Eunice sees herself as a consultant in the hospitality sector and is taking steps to achieve this goal by studying Psychology at the University of Ibadan (UI). She advises job seekers to build themselves intellectually and also to come to WAVE to learn and thereafter they can get themselves good jobs.

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