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May 9, 2019


     Philosophical, theoretical, strategic—all in one man, who isa paradigm of knowledge. Chukwuemeka is an ambitious young man who always haslearnings at every point of his life. In fact, he believes that everyday shouldbe dedicated to learning something different: “learn to learn, learn tounlearn, learn to relearn” is the theory that he believes in.

      Chukwuemeka before coming to WAVE was a business developmentofficer for an agricultural company and he did majorly research work. It wasquite challenging and tasking for him because of the distance and the fact thathe was not earning enough to sustain himself, nonetheless, he enjoyed the job andhe derived satisfaction from it. 
      The job presented him with opportunities tomeet people every day, have tryouts and practicalize ideas. However, Chukwuemekahas always had a desire to be a public speaker and a trainer, teaching peopleabout entrepreneurship and agriculture and also training people in theacquisition of soft skills for the job they desire to have. 
     The passion fortraining others began in his early days when he used to have an NGO thateducated young people. Therefore, when he heard about WAVE, he decided to giveit a trial. He got to know about WAVE through a friend whose neighbour is an alumnusof WAVE; he followed up with a search on Google before he signed up for thetraining. 
     However, the training was of no interest to him when he began, “Iwanted a job, why the training process? I was indifferent, but after a few days,my mindset changed”, eventually, he realized that the things WAVE teaches areinvaluable and core`.

    He trained at the academy at Yaba and Ajah and also shadowedat WAVE, where he was required to go out for WAVE outreach and town storming.The shadow period was an opportunity for Chukwuemeka to get closer to his batchmates that he could not be close to, during the training.            Additionally, helearnt to be accountable, to be emotionally intelligent, empathetic and rectitudinousand he believes that the skills that he needs for his dream job are creative thinkingand problem-solving, and he has learnt this from WAVE.

     Currently, Chukwuemeka works at WAVE as a trainer and heloves the fact that the culture of error exists there, where there is room for individualsto make mistakes, learn from their mistakes and make corrections.
   In the nextfive years, he hopes to still be training people but should have grown aladder by taking professional courses in branding and marketing, publicspeaking and agricultural practices in the North.

Finally, he advises job seekers to come to WAVEand dig deep. They should also reflect on themselves and be made aware of themselvesso they can figure out what exactly they want to accomplish and achieve in life

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