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February 5, 2020

At a period when frustration was setting in for Emmanuel, he heard about the WAVE training through a friend. Emmanuel Omeziri is 24-year-old and an SSCE holder who resides in Bariga, Lagos.

Emmanuel, at the time of hearing about WAVE, was unemployed and frustrated with not being able to meet his needs and having to rely on others to meet his needs. He was previously employed as a manager and left because he wanted different work experiences with better working conditions.

He had come for the training in November 2018 and for him the training was time-consuming but he learned a great deal from the classes handled by different facilitators. The classes were also an opportunity for group work and it also gave him the chance to compose a song which he loved.

Emmanuel job shadowed at WAVE office and he worked in the Replication department and he did tasks that included but were not limited to speaking with and collecting data from people. His experience at WAVE is one that he enjoyed because of the sense of working in a team that gave him a healthy relationship with his colleagues.

Staying at home without employment wasn't attractive to Emmanuel which led to him staying longer at WAVE after his job shadow. By January this year, he got a job as a waiter in RSVP (a restaurant in Lagos) and currently enjoys the work because it has exposed him to new experiences.

Interviews for him are now a piece of cake because the training has built his confidence and also helped him to speak before anyone. Emotional intelligence has stood out for him because it has helped him manage his relationship with his managers. Decision-making and multitasking have also been beneficial.

Emmanuel's word of encouragement to job seekers is to be determined in achieving their goals, not letting circumstances hinder them and be confident in themselves.

"My dad thinks I'm amazing, he sees the changes in me and tells me he is proud of me", Emmanuel attributes these changes to WAVE.
Emmanuel is grateful for the training because it gave him the practical experience that he needed to apply skills that would help his improvement. He says WAVE a solution to applying himself.

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