Impact Story- Fabian eds

May 9, 2019

Impact Story- Fabian Bassey                                                                                                                                                                                      
     After a couple of years in search of a portal to success, Fabian Bassey came to WAVE. He was introduced to the organisation by his brother to see if he could find a better job environment, considering that his previous pay was not meeting certain basic needs.

    He felt his personal struggle was not enough and due to the inadequacy of human support, no one was willing to help out and this motivated him to strive harder. On arrival, his expectations were somewhat met; he was able to secure what he was in search of: A better future.

    Though, there was a certain distance he had to cover in relation to his journey because he trained at the academy at Ajah.  He participated in the Job Shadow Experience program, where he worked in a Yogurt production company. He found the job fantastic because he learnt new ways to persuade clients into sampling new products and also how to advertise a product in an attractive fashion.

     Currently, Fabian works as a Sales Representative. He loves the exposure that comes with his role and how this exposure has helped him harness his interactive skills. To ensure a brighter future, Fabian hopes to perfect his marketing skills in order to get a better job that comes with bigger benefits and eventually became self-established. His charge to job seekers is to try as much to always source for more job openings and most importantly, not give up in the process.

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