Impact story Emmanuel Eds

May 9, 2019

Impact Story- Emmanuel Adjaco                                                                                                               

      Despite the hassle and hustle that comes with schooling and eventually bagging a degree, Emmanuel was only able to secure an internship position in a company! With the little benefits allotted to him, he kept striving: going for different interviews while managing his resources prudently.
      In his opinion, the factor that made it difficult for him to secure a better position was the fact that he had to work during the week and on weekends with a salary that was hardly encouraging. Besides, the timing of the job was never in his favour.

    Albeit, Emmanuel hoped for a promising career owing to the fact that he had just finished serving his country through the mandatory National Youth Service Corps Program. While job hunting, he got to know about WAVE through a friend and made a decision to train at WAVE, because he was motivated and focused on the cause of getting a better job.
    His expectation was indeed high! This was because a friend had given a positive opinion about WAVE, stating the procedures in its program and how these procedures would be beneficial to him as an ambitious person.

     On completing the program, he admitted that he was able to develop his communication skills, tolerance and emotional intelligence. As an ambitious person, after attending the academy in Yaba for some time, he participated in the Job Shadow program where he had the opportunity to work in two different departments in a restaurant and was able to secure a position that was better.

     Currently, Emmanuel works as a baker in a bakery. Although it was a field he was not familiar with, the opportunity to learn along the way was available which he acknowledged and took advantage of. His dream: To work in a financial institution and also participate in other professional training courses, to gain more knowledge and experience that will afford him promising opportunities to work in a food industry (restaurant) more efficiently while taking other steps towards achieving this.

    Finally, he advises job-seekers to be patient and never to relent in their efforts. Though challenges may arise at times, at vulnerable moments, but one should always be prepared.

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