April 4, 2019

Sulaimon is an SSCE Holder from Isah Williams High School, Iponri. Having worked as a cashier at KC GymLimited, and sales attendant at Royal Philip Trading Company, Mustapha made usunderstand the road to success is no joke. Self-motivated and committed to learning soft skills, after being on the street, hustling, Mustapha was introduced to WAVE by an alumnus, Taiwo Ogooluwa.

Mustapha’s decision to get trained on soft skills, and also be connected to ajob within the retail and/or hospitality industry made him apply for theprogram. His expectation to join the program was to get a job and this changedwhile on the training. Thus, he saw the training as a medium to performprofessionally on the job and also develop himself personally. The majorchallenge he had doing the training was to wake up early, which was unusual forhim. He had to apply the skill of time-management to arrive at the trainingon-time. He boarded two buses to and fro daily from Makoko to the training atYaba.

Mustapha found the training both educative and exciting because hewas newly exposed to teamwork, time-management, problem-solving, effectivecommunication, emotional intelligence and Microsoft excel learning.

Upon completing the training, he job-shadowed at an accountingfirm, Itunu Rewane and Co., as a consultant, where he was introduced to payrolland PAYE tax. His dream job is to be an accountant in a big, well-structuredorganization. Mustapha has taken a step to arrive at the dream job by enrollingfor ICAN.

Currently, Sulaimon Mustapha works as an audit trainee at ItunuRewane and Co, where he job-shadowed. He has been able to learn more on thejob, most especially things related to auditing and taxation.

Sulaimon Mustapha supports his family financially in his ownlittle way and his advice to unemployed youth is: “never to give up and alwaysbelieve in God and make sure you go through WAVE training so as to be fullyprepared for the workplace.” . At leisure, he is passionate about producing music and hopes to take his music career to the highest level someday.

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