I used to work as a Driver in a Pure Water company- Michael Ikudehimbu

October 18, 2018

Michael makes us understand that being a software engineer is no joke. His journey to being one has not begun yet but the little steps he is taking just before this journey may just set the ball rolling for him. The necessary funds to get himself trained as an engineer are not yet available but giving up is nowhere near his agenda.

Having worked as a factory driver in a pure water company, a baker in a bakery, a bartender in a hotel and the project coordinator in a telecommunication company, Michael hungered for a different experience, he craved a different encounter, and he found just the place he needed, WAVE. A friend who got to know about WAVE through a flier, told Michael about WAVE's training and its programs and Michael developed an interest in it. He began training at the academy in Ajah.

It was quite challenging for Michael because he had to wake up early each day of the training as it was expected of him to be punctual, being the chief whip of his batch. After the training, he participated in the job shadow program, shadowing at Mint Green restaurant as a waiter where he had the opportunity to acquire more knowledge about customer service and also basic culinary skills like handling trays and cups, decoration and table setting, napkin arrangement and mixing cocktails. He enjoyed shadowing because the relationship between the staff was really enjoyable. Michael likes to meet with people, and he had the opportunity to meet new people where he shadowed. After the Job shadow program, he began going for interviews. Although these interviews were not successful, he learnt from them and became better in areas where he felt his efforts were inadequate. After staying without a job for a while, he began working at Frozen Rolls, Lekki. He opines that the computer literacy skills, communication skills and hospitality skills that he learnt at WAVE have helped him so far, even with his current job that he enjoys so much. His current employer makes the environment conducive for him and his fellow employees. 

Finally, Michael advises job seekers in his words that: "they should not be desperate in their hunt for jobs, else, they may not get a job that will provide the satisfaction and happiness that they desire." He stresses that they should be calm, and the right job will come for them.

Leadership is not just about giving energy ... it's unleashing other people's energy.” – Paul Polman
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