"I like working with numbers and learning Excel during the training makes my work easier"- Alumna, Amuche Okereke,

May 23, 2020

Amuche’s job as an Accountant in a Microfinance bank was not nearly enough to carter to her needs and she was dissatisfied with that pushed her to seek out other options.

Although she had challenges securing a better job because according to her, “I didn’t know when there was a vacancy in a particular place and it was difficult getting connected to the right place”, she was optimistic that better chances would come her way and fortune smiled on her when her friend introduced her to the WAVE training. Her interest was sparked because of the potential job opportunities she would get if she completed the training successfully and she also lived close to the training centre in Yaba and that factor counted.

The training experience with batch 46 was educative and fun because she learned about effective communication, emotional intelligence, time management, and many more. Although keeping to time was a challenge, it has helped her manage her time properly.

After training at the Academy, Amuche job shadowed at Snug Hotel where she served in different departments as a Housekeeper, Bar Attendant, Kitchen Assistant, and Cashier. She learned how to attend to customers, identify different types of glasses, and how to make a cocktail. This was an eye-opener to her and as she put it, “It was fun and I enjoyed learning from there, it vastly improved my communication and adaptability skills”.

After her job shadow, Amuche got married in October 2018 and this increased her hunger to get a job as she was starting a new family. She got a job with Urban Metro Inn as a Front desk/ Accounting officer through WAVE the month after her wedding. 

When asked what excites her about the job, she mentioned the fact that she likes working with numbers and skills like good communication adaptability and Excel skills which she learned during the training makes the work easier.

Amuche’s aim is to improve her Accounting competence which would up her chances of getting an even better job and she intends to accomplish this by getting a B.sc and M.sc degree in Accounting and also putting to use the communication, Excel, emotional intelligence and negotiating skills she has gained.

Her advice to job seekers is to go through the WAVE training as every advice they need to get a job will be given to them during the course of the training.

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