March 7, 2019

One of our alumni who attended the training at Ibadan is Rasak Kolade Ayoade. He is a patient, focused and self-determined person. He has a passion for blogging and does that at his leisure time. His philosophy about life goes thus: “to achieve big things in life, there is always the need to be patient and always keep trying no matter the circumstances.”

Ayoade Razaq graduated from the University of Ibadan where he obtained a B. Sc degree in Statistics. Ahead of WAVE, Razaq had worked for four different organizations namely; Dangote Fertilizer Refinery, Tantalizer, Oyo State Fire Service and Alma Guest House.

Rasaq heard about WAVE from an alumnus, Abimbola and made up his mind to join the program due largely because of the soft skills training involved. Despite being informed about the program by an alumnus, yet; Razaq was sceptical to join the program.

In order to fully take part in the training, Rasaq got in touch with one of his family closer to the training centre at Akobo. As said, he wasn’t paying keen attention to the training because he had once been scammed and didn’t want to be a victim again. Along the line, he fell in love with the training which made him change his mind about WAVE. When asked what the challenge was during the training, Rasaq has this to say: “The challenge I faced was the timeframe set for the training. I had to resume by 8am and close by 6pm daily. I wasn’t used to it but I had to learn.”

Rasaq jobshadowed at Foodco where he oversaw the fast food and supermarket. He was able to put into practice customer service skills learned at WAVE. He was retained at Foodco due to his good attitude towards work.

His advice to jobseekers goes thus: “be patient and ready to do voluntary work anytime the need arise. Also, get involved in WAVE training because they have the best trainers and facilitators.”

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