I found communication and problem-solving skills useful daily ― Mariam Adigun (Batch 42)

April 18, 2019

An SSCE holder from Eko Akete Grammar School, Mariam Adigun shares her pre and post WAVE experiences, as she joins the legion of employees working in the retail and hospitality industry.

Mariam was undergoing a make-up artist training when she found out about WAVE. Because she derives joy in beautifying her female partner, Mariam worked at a beauty therapy; hence, her passion for make-up is unquantifiable. When resigning from the organization, Mariam became an entrepreneur by setting up a make-up salon before WAVE came into her narrative. She, however, held on his salon because of financial constraints.

Mariam was introduced to WAVE through town-storming and decided to join the program due largely to her interest in learning soft-skills.

Assuming training manuals would be given to trainees, Mariam Adigun found the training session rigorous and demanding while at WAVE. For her, the strict rules and regulations listed out by the facilitators also made the training rigorous. Highlighting the excitement during the training, Mariam Adigun in one word describes the training as "innovative." As said, "We made a newspaper bag (a popular exercise during the creative session) that was marketable. We brainstormed and came up with innovative ideas."

Mariam Adigun was able to learn skills such as communication and problem-solving skills which she found so useful in her day-to-day life. Upon graduation from WAVE, Mariam Adigun worked as a customer representative at the Aso-Oke Ti Dupe at Ikoyi.  To prove her versatility, Mariam also supports the beading department at the Aso-Oke Ti Dupe at Ikoyi.

Now that she works, she supports her family financially by paying electricity bills and buying foodstuffs monthly. Her advice to unemployed youth speaks this way: “unemployed youth should find their way into WAVE program, get trained and have the mindset to become some great. They should know what they are doing and always consistent in what they do.”

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