I Apply Time Management on My Job; I do not keep customers waiting -- Patience Udoh (Batch 39)

May 7, 2019

An Alumna of WAVE, PatienceUdoh is passionate about working in the retail and hospitality industry,despite her experience in the banking sector. A self-committed person and accounting graduate of Lagos State Polytechnic, Patience joined the program withthe aim of widening her horizons as well as understanding the ready-for-work skillsneeded in the workforce.

Before WAVE, she workedat Keystone Bank as a customer service representative. She resigned from thebank due to relocation and later developed an interest in the hospitality industry. Onleaving the banking industry, Patience started baking for an organization.

In order to expandher customer base as well as garner more experience, Patience joined the WAVEtraining program. Before coming into the program, she expected to learn how torelate with customers. Nevertheless, the expectation changed because she noticedthe need to learn how to better manage time.

Trained at Yabaacademy, Patience described the 3-week training with excitement because she waswell-grounded with skills such as time management, problem-solving, andcommunication skill. The opportunity to express one’s self was also a source ofdelight for her. The only challenge during the WAVE training was that she wasasked to stand throughout the day because of her late-coming. This made her understand that time management is key in the workplace.

Currently, Patienceworks at Angelica Limited as a customer service/sales representative. Whenasked what she found interesting in her job, she said “I see and relate withcustomers daily, understand their plight when angry and problem-solve to makethem happy. My supervisor always gives me positive feedback due to customerservices skill.” Adding to the above, she said“WAVE taught me time-management and I applied it on the job. I know where theproducts are kept so I do not keep customers waiting.”

Patience Udoh’s dreamjob is to own a supermarket. She is learning the skills required in her currentworkplace. She advisesjob-seekers to be “focused, and always strive to put in the best.”

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