I applied problem-solving and customer service skills during my job-shadow -- HEPHZIBAH SOLESI

May 7, 2019

WAVE has been able totrain some people at the Ibadan academy and Hephzibah Solesi was among the fellows of thetraining program. She likes to get herself involved in things that bring outthe best in her academically and because of her love for studying, she was ableto understand the principles of workplace within the two-week WAVE trainingprogram.

She got to know aboutWAVE from her brother-in-law who resides in Ibadan and decided to give it herbest shot. She is a graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University in Ogun State,where she obtained B.Sc and M.Sc in Public Administration. Hephzibah is a self-motivatedperson whose philosophy about life says that "You have the right to rewriteyour destiny yourself."

Preceding WAVE, sheworked as a teacher and a supervisor in two different organizations: ChickenRepublic and Chicken Lovers, all at Ibadan. She additionally worked at a purewater factory in Lagos as an assistant manager.

While at WAVEtraining, the principal challenge she encountered was the distance. She spentone thousand and five hundred naira (#1500) daily on transportation. Due to herwillingness to learn, she wasn’t deterred by the distance, but rather; focusedand determined throughout the training and she never got carried away becauseshe knew she would learn new skills like problem-solving, customer servicerelation and creative thinking skill which were useful tools she needed forsmooth running of her own business.

She was able to applyher problem-solving and customer service skill when she job shadowed at a place called Foodco when an angry customer came in. Quoting her; “There was this customerthat came in and was complaining about the product sold to her and was seekingfor a refund and the company’s policy is against that, while we all wereapologising, I had to look for a way to pacify her, so I made another order forher the way she wanted it to be made and she was really happy and surprisedthat she had to recommend me to people”.

Hephzibh aims to own a bigcatering firm and a bakery, where she hopes to apply all the skills she hadlearnt at WAVE daily and she has plans on how to attain and achieve her dreamjob mapped out already according to her.

Her advice to jobseekers goes thus: “I know there are scammers everywhere, taking a leap offaith will do you no harm, there is always an opportunity in every challenge life throws at you, just have faith and take advantage of the opportunity”.

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