How WAVE Alumnus Daniel Orji Managed Financial Challenges to Complete His Training Successfully

July 7, 2023

Daniel Orji shared his experience of discovering the WAVE program through a friend who had previously participated in the  IT and employability skills training in Lagos.

According to Daniel, his friend mentioned the training and said, "I decided to join the training because it was an opportunity for me to learn. I had always been interested in tech, so when I got this chance, I saw it as a way to pursue my passion."

Reflecting on the soft skills aspect of the training, Daniel mentioned, "I learned the importance of problem-solving and managing my emotions, which are crucial skills in any field." 

When discussing the tech skills component, he expressed his enthusiasm for working with databases, saying, "The database module was particularly interesting because it was self-explanatory, and I could immediately see the tangible results of my work."

Despite encountering challenges during the training, Daniel persevered. He recalled, "One of the challenges was that my family wanted me to focus on work rather than learning, but I firmly believed that acquiring a valuable skill was essential." 

Another obstacle he faced was the financial aspect, as he sometimes couldn't afford transportation and had to walk instead. However, he remained committed, stating, "I made sure to always be available and dedicated to my learning despite the challenges."

Now that he has completed the training, Daniel feels excited about entering the tech world and continuing his learning journey. He expressed his gratitude, saying, "The training has greatly influenced my future academic pursuits and what I aim to study in university." 

Daniel eagerly thanked WAVE for providing him with the training opportunity that has had a profound impact on his life.

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