August 23, 2022

"The information session was amazing, that was where I was able to decide if I wanted to continue with the training or do something else. It was truly convincing."

Samuel Iheagwam heard about our training through a friend and he decided to be a part of it.

Getting to the training venue was a struggle for him because he had to walk some distance having little money for transportation, but the experience was worth it for him because he was learning a lot from the training.

"There was a slight change in my expectations; initially I joined with the basic motive of getting trained and getting a job but that changed to being excited about learning skills I would not get to learn in school about the world of work.

I started changing my thinking to not just getting a job, but being the best at my job and contributing value."

After the training, although he attended several interviews, he did not get a job immediately but that process refined his interviewing skills in addition to what the training taught.

"I started working several temporary jobs and they really built my experience level."

Currently, Samuel works as a Technical Support Engineer at Appzone Group and he enjoys the job because he has always wanted to work in the tech industry, it is flexible and also exposes him to different research tools that solve people's problems.

The skills he learned during the training have also influenced his current job, "The training was an eye opener for me, I never expected a lot of the things I learned especially skills like emotional intelligence and problem solving, skills that are transferable to all kinds of jobs.

The training taught me to always prioritize customer needs, in general the training improved my soft skills. It also built my confidence going into job interviews. 

I remember an interview I went for, I was the only one that didn’t have a degree at the time, but I was still very confident in my abilities.  The training also taught me how to dress appropriately for interviews."

Samuel's dream is to work where is able to create solutions that help people, "I’m currently building a career as a data analyst and I try to better myself everyday by taking up courses regularly and building communities."

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