Hamidat Akano - Alumnus Success Story

November 14, 2017

Meet Hamidat Akano, 

Hamidat currently works at Zest Concierge Service. 

Before now, Hamidat had just finished her secondary school education then taught little children between 2-4 years. She applied to the program to acquire employability skills and more knowledge about working in an organisation. One of the most important sessions Hamidat experienced during the training was critical thinking and communication skills;Non-verbal, how people read your actions.

Hamidat persevered through the 3 weeks rigorous training, facing difficulties like time management and  having to deal with numerous assignments. Towards the end of the program, Hamidat Job shadowed with Zest Concierge Service where she learned how to clean professionally. Due to her impeccable diligence to her job, Hamidat was retained and hired at Zest Concierge Service.

Hamidat's long term goal is to be a polymath, to have her own Zest Franchise with about 8-10 people who share the same vision with her in  way they can build and achieve together.  

  She started as a trainee and in the space of one (1) month she was promoted to a team leader.

 Hamidat is the Customer Acquisition Manager.

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