For improved results, trainers receive training

February 5, 2020

In seeking to drive awareness and conversation around competency over credentials among educators, employers, young people, and policymakers, it is wise to engage organizations that work with young people and have a similar mindset as regards competencies. One of the ways we execute this goal is to organize training programs for other organizations.

The Training of Trainer program seeks to collaborate with other skills and training organizations that have a similar vision as WAVE to replicate the training content into their curriculum.
The replication team organized a 5-day workshop for the trainers, working them through the WAVE model and how to deliver it.

There were participants from all over Nigeria and from different organizations, some of which included Seed Africa in Osun state, Young Readers Club in Enugu, Lagos Energy Academy, and Tribes Church.

The participants were trained on top on-demand employability skills which include time management, managing expectations, teamwork, communication skills and others like class management, recruiting employer partners and fundraising.
The program which lasted for a week gave participants the opportunity to engage the trainers and learn new ways to hold a class.

To find out more about WAVE's training of the trainer, visit our website

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