Employment Opportunity Made me Apply for WAVE's program -- JOHN ADEGOR (BATCH2.21)

February 28, 2019

One of the WAVE alumni who has passed through the WAVE’s training program is John Adegor. He earned his national diploma in Marine Engineering from the Federal College of Fishery and Marine Technology, Victoria Island. 

As one who is hardworking and business-oriented, John Adegor has worked with several organizations such as Avanti Plastic Company and Beloxxy Biscuits. While working with these two organizations, Adegor saved for the raining days in order to kick-start phone and video games accessories business. Via his personal savings, he started his own business where he sells computers and phones. While on this job, Adegor realised the need to acquire soft skills so he can advance in his business. This made him apply for WAVE’s training program. When telling him what to gain from WAVE’s program, what excites Adegor more was the opportunity to get employed after the three weeks program. 

John Adegor narrated his training experience in this manner: “my experience with WAVE was excellent and fun because I was able to learn in an environment that I find conducive and the trainers were also top notch -- they definitely know their job well.” While at the training, he learned problem-solving and negotiation skills which are really invaluable for him. He has been able to apply this by persuading customers to buy his products. As said, the only challenge he encountered was the distance from his residence to the training centre. It was a bit far but due to zero tolerance for late-coming, he was able to sail through. 

Adegor currently works at Cafe Jade. He describes his workplace as “perfect place” at the right time because he plays different roles in the organization: supervisor, customer service agent, waiter and front desk officer. Quoting Adegor verbatim, “I enjoy taking up all the roles because it serves as a platform for me to apply all the skills learned at WAVE on a daily basis. 

This makes me relate with customer and colleagues effectively.” He hopes to venture into the transportation business in the nearest future. For him, he is learning all the skills required in his current workplace. When asked what his parent thinks of him now that he works, he said: “my parents have been highly supportive financially and now, I am able to support them. All thanks to the Almighty.” 

His advice to job seekers goes thus: “make sure you go through WAVE training because it gets you closer to your dream job.” 

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