November 28, 2017

I moved to California over a year and ahalf ago. I currently work for a nongovernmental child care service provider. Iwork for the facilities department (space and infrastructure) although still atemporary hire (from an agency), I ensure effective and efficient utilizationof the office space, safety and security (fire safety/ hardware safety),frequent inspection of equipment and reporting amongst a few.

Prior to moving to LA, I worked with 2of my friends in 2015. We set up an IT company called Media Gear Interactivewhere we provided IT services ranging from web development to website designand maintenance, Networking, enterprise resource solutions and other IT relatedservices.

My time at WAVE was a memorable one. Iremember the fun activities that encouraged teamwork; I remember thefacilitators because they were really friendly and always willing to help allparticipants understand the teachings.

The highlight for me was learning aboutconflict resolution and most importantly FEEDBACK. I have upheld this importantconcept ever since I left WAVE and I realized it made me more self-aware and tostrive to be better every day. The lowlights were the long hours of the programand the rigorous commute to and from home to the Academy venue in VI.

My advice to those coming to WAVE isto, first of all, believe in themselves. Self-believe makes one go beyondlimits. Also, I encourage them to put in efforts and willingness to learn atWAVE academies. The reason is that all the teachings can be applied to everydayliving and not just at the workplace.

I also advise prospective WAVERS toremain committed to the vision of WAVE and strive to develop a forward-thinkingparadigm.

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