Do these 3 things and land yourself a job through WAVE

January 11, 2021

Now more than ever, securing a job where you can learn and earn is important, the Covid-19 pandemic caused a lot of uncertainty as a lot of people were laid off their jobs or had their salary slashed. 

As you may already know, WAVE which stands for West Africa Vocational Education is a social impact organisation focused on tackling youth unemployment in West Africa. WAVE solves this problem by identifying motivated and driven young people who have the START SMALL, LEARN FAST, and GROW BIG mindset. These candidates go through a-3 and a half week intensive mindset and work ethics training where candidates are trained on employability skills and professionalism.

But the job to be done isn’t just to make our youths employable, the job ends (or in fact really starts) when they find themselves employment.

Our recruitment arm matches WAVE trained candidates to employment. Undoubtedly there is a lot of competition amongst job seekers as the jobs are never enough to accommodate the entire alumni pool, hence the reason this article is so important. Candidates who have either gone through the WAVE training or skills validation center should read carefully the tips below to LAND THEMSELVES A JOB THIS YEAR

  • Change that entitled mindset - Nobody owes you anything. Your success is entirely dependent on what you can do with the opportunities presented to you. The majority of the businesses WAVE partners with are small and medium businesses, the salary may not be great but the learning experience will accelerate your career growth. For example, Chef Gibbs who is currently the General Manager of  SABOR, one of the biggest restaurants in Victoria Island, Lagos started his career as a Kitchen assistant. Bear in mind that he is a Bachelor’s degree holder and didn't think being a kitchen staff was beneath him.

  • Check all the boxes - Submit all the forms you are required to, join all the WAVE group chats, surf the internet and keep applying. Follow up with the Career Services team, apply to all the jobs you see that fit your career goals, and SKILLS (be realistic), learn a new skill, practice your digital marketing skills, update your CV and LinkedIn profile, volunteer at your dream place of work (if you have to), do this repeatedly and see magic happen!

  • DO NOT GIVE UP - Finally, we need to acknowledge that life is difficult and success sometimes takes time, the key to success is persistence and resilience. Keep at it and continue to strive for the best.

Good luck and thanks for reading thus far.

Authored by Mariam Adegoroye

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