DAMILOLA Was Sceptical to Join the Program Due to the High Rate of Scams in Nigeria -- Damilola Adedigba

February 7, 2019

DAMILOLA ADEDIGBA is a highly determined and self-motivated person who believes that learning is the key to success. Before undergoing the WAVE program, Damilola was studying Political Science and International Studies at the Osun State University. Despite being a B. Sc. holder, Damilola believed that she needed to learn in order to get a job. Her aspiration for learning made Damilola register for the training program.

Damilola heard about WAVE from a friend and alumna, Pelunmi, who has had an experience of the training. Even though she heard about WAVE from a friend, Damilola was sceptical about joining the program because of the high rate of scams in Nigeria. As a cohort of Batch 3.10 at Ibadan Academy, she described the training experience was awesome and challenging, thus: “the training was awesome because we learned some skills such as teamwork and communication which. It was challenging for me due to the distance: I stayed at Iyana Agbara and the academy was at Akobo. That is about 30 minutes by bus to the training centre.”  

Upon graduation, Damilola job-shadowed at FoodCo as a cashier, where she learned how to relate with customers as well as handle the financial account of an organization. This was a productive experience for her. After the impressive performance during the job-shadow, Damilola was employed in the same capacity. When asked what excites her about the job, she said: “teamwork, discrimination-free and the mode of payment are what I enjoy.”

Now that she works, Damilola has not only been able to cater for herself, she also supports her siblings financially. Rendering advice to job seekers, she said: “WAVE training is a must to all job-seekers because there is much to learn like communication skills, problem-solving, interpersonal relation, and teamwork.”

Damilola Adedigba dreams to solve the unemployment issue in Nigeria by setting up her own business and recruit African youth.

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