AWANI'- Projecting the voice of the average woman

February 26, 2019

AWANI is a tale of the stifled gender equality right in Nigeria and the injustice an average woman is made to go through on a daily basis. The documentary also highlights and discusses the various reasons for gender inequality and how it affects every single nation on the continent, most especially Africa.

The filmmaker, Aderonke Adeola, emphasized her reasons for producing the short film and also mentioned that it was a wake-up call to the Nigerian government to take swift actions in regards to the pending gender equality act that was opposed at the National Assembly. At the screening of the film done at the WAVE back office in Yaba, the filmmaker also mentioned that the movement towards reviving gender equality has begun.

The filmmaker has made a significant output by airing the film in a couple of festivals which include AFRIFF and the AKE film festival.

Watch snippets of the filming here

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