Alumnus Success Story-Jennifer Ugoeze #waveacademies

November 20, 2016

Jennifer Ugoeze
Eat Green by Mint company

Jennifer  had just completed her university education and was looking for a job and also improve her skills. She heard about WAVE from an alumnus and although she was sceptical, she applied to the programme. Some of the challenges Jennifer faced during the programme included;keeping up with time and waking up earlier than her regular hours. However, the classes were interesting as she got to meet new people and build relationship which somewhat made up for the challenges. After the in-house training,Jennifer did her job shadow at Monty Buffet where she learned different ways of arranging a napkin. 

Jennifer attended three(3) interviews before securing a job with Mint restaurant and bar as a waitress.  When asked the most important skills she learned at WAVE, Jennifer had this to say. Some of the most important skills that WAVE taught me which I apply on my job daily are communication and emotional intelligence. The latter is very important because everyday you will meet customers who will be rude to you but you have to remain polite.

Jennifer would like to own a supermarket and boutique because of her love for it. Her advice to job seekers is be open to learning.

Leadership is not just about giving energy ... it's unleashing other people's energy.” – Paul Polman

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