Alumnus Success Story- Ephraim Gaius #waveacademies

December 8, 2016

Ephraim Gaius
(Batch 2.1)
Waiter/Coffee Barrister
Hans and Rene

Long before WAVE, Ephraim was working as a Technician but was not getting paid for his job, so he had to leave since he was processing his admission and needed money to do this. Then he heard about WAVE through the CDA chairman of his local government area and decided to go for the training.

After the selection and his orientation, he continued with the training and said how surprised he was at the difference he saw in the programme. I was surprised that we were also taught the importance of putting people first in the Hospitality industry and the different job roles that exist and what they really are all about. When asked the most challenging part of his training at the academy, Ephraim mentioned that the assessment which required trainees to stand for hours was most challenging to him. But also noted how this eventually helped him learn patience which he found very useful at his current place of employment. He also mentioned that this assessment exercise really helped him put a check on his temper, as he was one to easily get angry. Knowing that this would be a problem when dealing with difficult customers later on, he had to learn to control it.

After graduation, Ephraim did his job shadow at Cafe`Neo where he learned the process of coffee making, which later came in handy as a week after this, he gained employment as a coffee barrister. It is a whole new experience for him he says and advises upcoming WAVERS to have the mindset of being at the top. He insists that they learn to cultivate the spirit of patience andnever look down on anyone.

Leadership is not just about giving energy ... it's unleashing other people's energy.” – Paul Polman

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