Alumnus Success Story- Dorothy Bawa #waveacademies

December 8, 2016

Dorothy Bawa
(Batch 17)
Production Manager
Omnutri, Ikoyi

Dorothy was engaged in training on bead making before she heard about WAVE from a friend, Patience Ezoh,an alumnus. She went through the training process as everyone else, graduating and moving on to her job shadow at Golden Tulip, Festac Town. This was a transforming exposure for her she revealed and said that it created the opportunity for her to utilize the soft skills she acquired while on her training. Soft skills such as effective communication and team work among others proved to be very useful. Going through the academy caused a lot of positive changes in her life. When asked what her challenges were during her training, she said it was the aspect of having to keep up with time. She was obligated, as every other trainee to inculcate the habit of good time management which she found very challenging at the time.

Two weeks after her job shadow, Dorothy got a job at Omnutri, Ikoyi where she works as a production manager. So far, the most challenging part of her job she said has been meeting up with time, carrying on several duties and thinking on her feet in making decisions.

It hasn't been an easy task for her, but having gone through the training, she has been able to apply the skills of negotiation, self management and effective communication in performing her duties.
Excited about her new job and its peculiarities, she mentioned the most thrilling part of her job to be the events we go to and lots of experiments we conduct.
On long term basis, Dorothy wants to be a nurse and trusts that her experience in the hospitality industry will relatively give her the exposure she believes will be useful in achieving that goal.

To upcoming WAVERS and young people alike, she advises that no knowledge is wasted and don't only think on your feet, make the right decisions because your decisions after the thought matters a lot. She also pointed out the importance of being a good listener.

Leadership is not just about giving energy ... it's unleashing other people's energy.” – Paul Polman

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