Alumnus success story-Austin Nnaemeka

November 13, 2016

Austin Nnaemeka

Employer-Starmart supermarket

Role-Procurement Officer

At 19, Austin Nnaemeka has occupied three (3) positions; cashier, inventory officer and more recently procurement officer within the space of one year and a half. Austin heard about WAVE at a summer program (IMPACT). He had just finished his secondary school education and was looking for a job to pass time. He applied to the programme and was a member of the first set of graduates of the academy in Lekki. Austin shared his experience about the program; his challenges and surprises. Some of these challenges included adhering to the rules and facing the uncompromising penalties of breaking any of the rules. Austin was surprised by the equality amongst trainees regardless of educational background-“I was surprised that the programme was a level playing field for everyone and that gave me a lot of confidence to express myself without being laughed at.” Some of the most important skills he learnt at WAVE which he applies on the job are customer service; customer satisfaction, knowing the price of your product by heart and knowing how to differentiate one product from another. He mentioned that the most important value he learned from WAVE was accountability – taking responsibility when you break an item and reporting to your manager/supervisor before anyone finds out.

His biggest challenge on the job is the resumption and closing hours. However, he is determined to overcome this challenge majorly because this job provides a great platform for his long term goal. 

Austin’s advice to job seekers is know what you want. Never wait for chances but make every moment a chance.

Austin Nnaemeka

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