Alumnus Success Story- Andyson Onyeneke #waveacademies

December 8, 2016

Andyson Onyeneke
(Batch 22)

Andyson successfully finished his training at the academy and graduated with batch 22. Prior to this, he heard about WAVE Academy (on Facebook), which was formerly located at Victoria Island, directly opposite where he was working at the time. Two years later, after his university education, he decided to enroll at the academy, not just to get a job, but also go through the process of becoming employable for a good job. " My purpose of coming to WAVE was because of the impression I got very first time I came to the academy. I was impressed with the system on ground, although one I found challenging. My challenge was standing during the programme, and some of the activities and puzzles looked childish to me. But they really drew adrenaline from your brain."
After his job shadow, it took him only two weeks before he got a job at Protea Hotel, where he now works as a ________. "I took a lot from my training at WAVE Academy which would help me a great deal to perform in my best capacity. I developed the skill of good communication and knowing how well to manage office politics because you can't really escape it in any organisation. Andyson mentioned how WAVE had opened him to the possibilities in the Hospitality industry and says that as his long term goal, he would like to be a consultant in this industry. A reason why is because it is one that employs a large number of labour.
His advice to young people out there and potential WAVERS is to put aside their pride and face the music; learn what you need to know and go through the process of becoming employable.

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