September 10, 2018

IFEOLUWA is a highly determined and ambitious person who is willing to climb the ladder up to the pinnacle of success. He had been employed three different times before he was undergoing the WAVE program.
His highest remuneration was N20,000. However, He wanted more out of life because he was ambitious and the money was too meager to cater for needs.

Although he had challenges securing something more worthwhile because according to him, “I do not know when there is a vacancy in a particular place and it is difficult getting connected to the right place”, he was optimistic that life was good and he had faith everything will be fine.

Providence smiled on him when his friend introduced him to WAVE Academies. He bought the idea because of the potential job opportunities he would get if he completed the training successfully. Although it was challenging, he completed his training in due course.      

Upon graduation, Ifeoluwa job shadowed at BC Garden, Ikoyi as a waiter. He learned how to attend to customers and identify different types of glasses and how to make a cocktail. This was a fruitful experience because it served as an eye-opener to him. In his words, “It was fun and I enjoyed learning from there. I also enjoyed attending to customers.” This job shadowing vastly improved his communication skills and flexibility.

After the job shadowing, Ifeoluwa got a gainful employment with Trinity Suites as the facility manager through WAVE. His basic salary is N40,000. When asked what excites him about the job, he mentioned the customer relationship and handling facilities. He has been able to put his good communication skills and flexibility to good use.

His family members have been proud of him and they have advised him to be determined and diligent, never to give up and pray more often.

Ifeoluwa aims to venture into the Aviation sector in future. He wants to study Fare and Ticketing or any related course in the Aviation school.

Leadership is not just about giving energy ... it's unleashing other people's energy.” – Paul Polman

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