October 3, 2018

Batch 41
Cafe Jade

Through the difficulty in securing employment opportunities after a wide search with less support, Ibrahim Kante found out about WAVE through a flyer during his job search. He decided to enroll in the program after engaging with the outreach intern. In his words, ''I knew that I needed this opportunity to improve my communication skills to stand a chance of getting a job so I decided to find out more about WAVE and later gave it a trial. Afterhe identified his flaws through WAVE, he was able to learn and develop his ''communication and also acquired leadership skills.''

He trained at the academy situatedat Yaba.  He admitted that the ''WAVE training changed his perspectives onhow better to handle different situations which made his experience a much morefulfilled one.''

After the training exercise, he job shadowed at Nylah’s Kitchen as a kitchen assistantwhere he learned some unique skills and gained exposure. As an assistant, he was exposed tomore situations which served as experience in relation preparation of certaindishes, learned names of both local and inter-continental delicacies.

Ibrahim works at Café Jade Limited,Lekki phase1, where he is the headwaiter. With what was imparted in him, he hasbeen able to apply and enjoys the communication flow he has developed over timewith his colleagues and customers at his workplace.

Though very passionate aboutreaching his goal, Ibrahim hopes to own his restaurant in the nearest future. Hebelieves that there are challenges to be faced but he knows that God will dosomething good and also if one can be humble, patient and diligent, things canturn around for the better. He hopes every job seeker can embrace theopportunity WAVE has given to him. 

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