Alumnus Case Study- Opeyemi Olowoyeye #waveacademies

April 21, 2018

Opeyemi is an epitome of a philosophy that we believe in-Start small. Learn fast. Grow big.

From being an intern at Nestle Nigeria Plc. to becoming a supply chain/project manager at a restaurant, and now, an International market trainee at a logistics firm- a job that matches his desire.

Before gaining these work experiences, Opeyemi had just completed his youth service and was still 'trying to figure out what direction to go with respect to job search and career path'. He enrolled at WAVE after an advice from his best friend who had just finished the program and secured a job.'It was the option I had than staying at home to wait for a call for an interview after sending series of applications. No one was willing to hire without experience.' He stated.

His expectations before enrolling at WAVE did not change-which was to get a job but more importantly, Opeyemi was concerned with what it takes to stay on the job. This and many more he learned during the program including 'learning how to read the body language of customers and relating to them accordingly, ensuring their expectations are met for a return visit.

After graduation from WAVE, Opeyemi secured a job at Shawarma and Co. Problem-solving and communication skills stood out for him as he applied them on a daily basis. "I had to learn to think on my feet which helped me quite a lot and still does.''

One year and some months at his former workplace, Opeyemi acknowledges the importance of gaining work experience in order to stand a chance of securing a job while acquiring key competencies to stay on it.

Opeyemi is 'looking to move into supply management/logistics as a long-term goal while enrolling for more training courses to get certifications and applying experience garnered on the job."

He encourages job seekers to be patient. "Not everything is money but find a job that would add value to you beyond salary; build networks as much as you can because you don't know who has the key to the door you are aspiring to enter.


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