Alumnus Case Study- Ayodeji Olatunde

November 8, 2016

Ayodeji Anthony Olatunde.

Mint Restaurant


Ayodeji worked as a barbecue chef but left his job owing to personal reasons. He heard about WAVE from an alumnus who shared a flier with him during our community outreach. Ayodeji applied to the program for job placement opportunities that would offer him the chance to obtain new skills in his chosen field(catering), and to also learn the basic skill-set to excel on such job(s). 

His experience during the WAVE program was both revealing and refreshing. He met with other individuals who were also in the program to learn different skills sets to fit into potential job opportunities in the hospitality industry, and got to network with like-minded and otherwise, sharing experiences from prior engagements and backgrounds. He was constantly challenged along the way to think in new ways to solve problems, to manage his time and to exceed customer expectations. Surprisingly, he thought he already knew most of what he would encounter during training, like writing a good CV and performing well in an interview. Little did he know that he had a lot to learn. 

Ayodeji job shadowed at the Mint Restaurant by the Eat Green Company in Lekki(where he currently works). When asked about the skills he learned at WAVE,he said I learned a lot of new things about proper waiting, different methods of table setting, operating a coffee machine, how to make fresh pressed juices and smoothies, bill making and also to handle multiple tasks. It took Ayodeji a week on the job shadowing experience to secure a job. His long term career goal is to become a proper Chef and to eventually own a restaurant.

His advice to the next set of WAVE trainees is to stay humble and hungry to learn. The ability to see things from different angles is key to success in this new age. Someone once said that the illiterates of the 21st Century would not be those who cannot read nor write, but those who were not prepared to simply learn, unlearn and relearn. This is the right attitude.

Leadership is not just about giving energy ... it's unleashing other people's energy.” – Paul Polman

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